5,000 Leads in 3 Months upViral Mastermind

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5,000 Leads in 3 Months upViral Mastermind
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If you want to grow your list by 5,000 leads or more, this is the right place!

A mastermind is an amazing way to learn from others - but what if the mastermind had a specific goal for you? That would be very different!

This Bi-Monthly mastermind is for business leaders who are using upViral to run their sweepstakes/giveaway campaigns. Could be a beginner all the way up to a power user; we're all out to help each other.

This will be a total investment of $1000 - $500 to start and $500 only when you reach your goal. We're setting it at 5,000 leads, but you're welcome to set your personal goal much higher! Why split the investment? First, the down payment is an investment in your future (plus it typically eliminates people who wouldn't contribute anyway). Most experts say a targeted lead on your list monetizes at $1/lead/month - if you begin using your new found leads right away, then you'll be happy to pay the additional investment of $500 at the end! If you don't make your goal, then you decide if you want to pay the additional $500 for value gained or just leave the group.

This group will meet 2x per month (we might meet early afternoon USA Central time so folks in Europe can meet in the evening if we have people who want to join from outside the USA - let me know if that's an issue) and you're required to attend. Missing 2 meetings will put you at risk for being bounced from the group.

Everyone will get a chance to participate in meetings and will have a chance to be in the hot seat.

We will continue the mastermind after the 3 months if people find it valuable. It will be $500/month ongoing investment.

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What you can expect:
  • Every other week, we'll meet via Zoom and exchange ideas
  • FB group exclusively for mastermind members to work together between meetings
  • Zoom calls are recordable - so you can review each meeting on your own time
  • Shared notes via Evernote
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What we need from you:
  • You MUST bring a commitment to learn and grow and to contribute actively - after all this is YOUR income we're talking about here!